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Had an old hammond ao35 converted into a guitar amp. Goff prof have manuals for a more restricted range of hammonds, mainly the as, bs, cs, rts. Id love to see a schematic for a carmen ghia and see what is going on, but my searches have ended up nothing i did find a thread here. Classic hammonds hammond ao70701 tube set vacuum tubes. In this video i walk through my plans for the circuit. Full text of hammond chord organ service manual, models s, s1, s4 see other formats service information on the hammond chord organ models s, s1, and s4 hammond organ majlajcx ftuyii qwxtckav voiee hammond organ company 4200 west diversey avenue chicago 39 illinois g. Complete parts kit for hammond jr20 tone cabinet using the ao15 power amplifier. If you want to save a schematic to your hard drive, right click on the link and select save as e100f24a. Hammond ao29 to fender pt 3 schematic overview youtube.

Hammond auto vari64 rhythm unit service manual contents. Published on dec 15, 2015 learn how to use the powerful schematics editor in the learntomod software to build and paste structures into your minecraft world. Hammond usa support downloads downloads there is a wealth of information available about your hammond and leslie products, and you can find it all here, free of charge. A while back i happened to come across the information that dr. In the hammond model ao29 amplifier, electrolytic capacitors are only used for filtering. Also contains info and diagrams missing from hammond manuals since the early 50s.

My plan for mine is to use a ampeg jet preamp in front of the hammond output. It was the reverb spring unit and a small circuit board. Sep 03, 2017 another update in my project to convert a hammond ao29 organ amplifier into a guitar amp. Help me convert a hammond ao43 telecaster guitar forum. Another update in my project to convert a hammond ao29 organ amplifier into a guitar amp. Capacitors in the m100 series ao29 amplifier part of the schematic diagram of the hammond m100 series, with the ao29 amplifier and its electrolytic capacitors highlighted. I also discovered that these same hammond organ amps can be found on ebay for a reasonable price. The organ received this power from the hammond tone cabinet, virtually requiring the customer to use the hammond speaker leslie configured the 122 family of speakers to provide this voltage. I am looking for schematics, bom andor wiring diagram for a hammond ao 43 tube amplifier 2 el84s in the output.

The link mostly addresses an ef86 ac15 lite circuit, so yes, nontop boost, but the author. The fieldcoil version of the ao 29 uses a 380v power transformer, whereas the permanentmagnet version uses a 320v power transformer. Hammond organ service manual a, a100, ab, bc, bcv, bv, b2, b3. Hammond m3 amplifier change to b3 amp can it be done. Zs carmen ghia amp is based closely on an amplifier found in old hammond organs. If you follow the steps below, all the voltages throughout the amplifier will be too high, and something will fry. There is also a huge library of effects and solid state schematics. Sep 14, 2016 ive owned my hammond organ for eight years now, and although working quite well, there was still an unresolved issue of a rumbling or rushing sound, whether or not anything was being played at the time. Dec 23, 2009 ao29 amplifier from my 1962 hammond m111, on the workbench, with can capacitors clearly visible. The hammond ao 44 reverb amplifier was designed to be used an a secondary reverb channel amp in hammond a100 and mseries organs.

Was wondering if the m3s amp ao 29 has the ability to be changed out for the b3a100 amp ao 28 just like any comparison between two amps, there will be tonal. Conversion of a hammond ao35 reverb driver into a guitar. I have two hammond ao39 and two ao35 organ power amps that i am looking into converting into guitar. Well built vintage electronic circuitry can last a very long time, as evidenced by the number of hammond organs that are still working, some from as far back as the 1930s.

I believe it came from a l100, but i could be wrong. A complete library of these rare items about hammond organs. Does any one know what the mods noted in this schematic accomplish. I am just getting ready to start an ao39 conversion also 2el84 and similar voltages but its a smaller chassis. Ive got a minty fresh hammond ao43 chassis that i would like to turn into a.

I think this unit turned out to be in very good condition, with very little use according to the owner and all the original tubes. High voltage dc power is required for early model preb2c2rt2 organs to power their internal preamp. I know there is an ao43 schematic floating around online but it wasnt. Chapter i t h e t o n a l c o n t r o l s the hammond organ hammond organ xcept where otherwise mentioned, the following descriptions apply equally to every model of the hammond organ. View and download hammond l series service manual online. Tube amp schematics index page there are over 3500 tube amp schematics and other types of schematics in the el34world schematic library. Your amp should be somewhere in the ballpark of 10 watts 15 watts output, and.

I live in upstate new york, usa, and just acquired my dream organ, a 1963 determined tonight using the same formula as you did hammond c3. Overhauling the ao29 amplifier in the hammond m100 series. Service manual for hammond l100 series tonewheel organs. Servicing the hammond b3 type preamp benton electronics. Antique radio forums view topic hammond ao15c schematic. Ultimate hammond conversions thread the amp garage. Such sounds in old equipment are often caused by degrading carbon resistors. We have designed this model to be true and authentic to the exact vintage detail, as well as providing a large variety of modern features that allow greater flexibility no matter the musical style you wish to play. The organ received this power from the hammond tone cabinet, virtually. Apr 24, 2020 so i set about grabbing a decent quality hammond ao 43 off of ebay. Driver ef86 hammond sets leslie sets power rectifier.

The ao28 tube preamp is found in the hammond b3 as well as several other models. Mar 17, 2017 this feature is not available right now. To aid in drawing consistently sized components, i made a template from thin plastic sheet. Hammond ao39 and ao35 organ to guitar power amp conversion. Hammond made a retrofit to update these older cabinets for use with the newer spring reverb units.

Heres where to learn how to get the most from your sk stage keyboard. Hammond ao63 power amp from preamp intensity 250kl b speed 3mra b 6 7 3 8 2 1 v5a v5b. This increasingly popular conversion can produce an exceptionally fine 18 watt approx. The ao 44 amps are currently available for reasonable prices on ebay. Hammond ao 44 reverb amp to hifi amp conversion c 2008, g. The l100 schematic at captain foldbacks site contains 2 6bq5 aka el84 in the output. Scans of selected hammond schematics and wiring diagrams for leslie schematics go to the leslie schematics page most of the scans are from xeroxes of old manuals and are ment as help for hometinkerers like myself, so the scan quality may vary. Traditional and pro kksystem leslie switch cui optional. The hammond b3 is the most popular organ evermade, and its sound is legendary. In stock item unless otherwise noted, this item ships same day when ordered during business hours.

Restored hammond service manual available hammond today. The hammond doc setup to bench test a hammond ao28. This video describes the process of converting a hammond ao 35 reverb driver into a guitar amplifier. Organ service co has manuals available for just about every hammond made. This is a more detailed walk through of this guitar amp conversion of a hammond ao 29 organ amplifier that i recently completed. Hammond ao29 conversion to marshall plexi project overview. Second, the output goes into the vibrato delay line driver tube. Well look up their schematics and attach them here. Oh my godi finally have a real tone wheel, and one of the 3 best at that. Ive come into the possession of a hammond ao141e amplifie. Included in this collection are manuals for numerous models and ranges of hammond organs plus issues of the monthly magazinenewsletter hammond chord organ comments produced by hammond themselves plus schematics for many organs should you need to repair them plus issues of the bimonthly magazine hammond times published bi. I tried to find the specs on the ao 43 pt but couldnt find anything but the requirements that hammond posted for the required specs the original ao 43.

If add to cart or purchase info button is displayed, click on it to calculate packing shipping costs. The fieldcoil version of the ao29 uses a 380v power transformer, whereas the permanentmagnet version uses a 320v power transformer. Each of the three models, a, b and e, is ideally suitable for its particular purpose. Traditional and pro kksystem leslie switch cui optional installation guide hammond suzuki usa 733 annoreno drive, addison, il 60101. The hammond organ m series spinet consoles are completely self contained, re. You can still get an owners manual or service manual for your hammond. Hammond ao35 tube amp project carmen ghia clone reverb. Full text of hammond chord organ service manual, models s.

The ao39 was used as the power amp for the a100 series organs. Hammonds engineers designed their vacuum tube valve amplifiers conservatively. M100 ao29 mid 60s version with ao44 reverb amp schematic. The goal is to turn it into as much of a b3 as i can.

If you see a problem with any of the schematics, please email me so i can fix the problem. Rare hammond organ manuals schematics on dvd magazines. Because passive component values tend to drift with age, replacing the capacitors and resistors in some hammond ao 28 preamplifiers may be of some benefit. My plan was to build a carmen ghia clone but never got around to it. The 6v6 is a tone monster too, perfect for gigging. A friend is playing with an ao 15c hammond amp without asking me first. I have also made a few small changes so i can run 6l6s and el34s, the pt seems to handle the voltage for the filaments too.

It received a balanced input from the organs preamp and produced 12 watts to drive a 4. Rather than attempt to isolate and replace the problematic resistors, i decided to rebuild from the ground up. Youll still get pretty generous power, mine will make around 15w. Rebuilding a hammond ao29 amplifier from the ground up. Restored hammond service manual available 19052016 hammondtoday a post on the organ forum provides for the download location of a newly restored version of the hammond organ service manual for free download, painstakingly put together by organ forum member joey b3. Bought a leslie 145, its respective leslie kit, and a foldback kit for the upper an lower manuals. The document cross references hammond part numbers found on the schematics to generic part designations x5 non tonewheel zipped thanks to soren poulsen for this s100 chord organ pdf and gif. Another update in my project to convert a hammond ao 29 organ amplifier into a guitar amp. Owners manuals, system updates, custom setups, library voices and more. Visit us online for more information or to download service manuals today. A100 service manual all about theatre organs and hammond.

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